Zoho Phonebridge Integration


Linking your Numintec phone system with Zoho

In order to link the Numintec phone system with your Zoho user, please follow these instructions:


  1. You have to log-in into https://agent1.invoxcontact.com with your user code and password..
pantalla zinvox

2. After log-in you have to choose the integration options that you want to activate:


  • ClickToCall
    Option that enables Zoho to make outgoing calls .


  • Zoho Phonebridge
    Option that enables the Zoho phonebridge for incoming calls.
Zoho Phonebridge
  • 2.3 After the activation, Zoho will ask you permission to link with the Numintec phone system.
Acceso Zoho

Please accept.


How to use the Zoho “PhoneBridge”

When the user receives an incoming call, Zoho will display the call information.



Answered call:


Completed call:

  • If there is a missed call, the agent can see it in his Zoho pending notifications icon:
  • When the notification is displayed ,It shows the information related to the contact that has generated the missed call.

How to use the “ClickToCall” option

The “ClickToCall” option allows the user to make calls through its Zoho interface.
Once you activate “clictocall”, The Zoho interface will provide you a button with which you can make calls to your Zoho customers.